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Professional website software development & consulting.

We focus on websites with high standards in security, performance, reliability and usability:

Panaxis GmbH has been active since 2003, is located in Switzerland and is the software company of Andreas Leathley. View commercial register entry

Projects so far

wwcom - 2019 until today

Connecting multiple systems and creating a booking platform for wwcom. wwcom offers high quality telecommunication services in Switzerland.


SquirrelPHP + Open Source - 2019 until today

We maintain multiple open source components under the name SquirrelPHP and continue to improve them. We also support other open source projects (like Symfony, Twig or PHP itself).


Adlershop - 2010 until 2023

The online shop of the Adler pharmacy in Winterthur (Switzerland), created by Panaxis GmbH in 2010 and continually improved until the shop was bought by Galenicare and shut down in favor of their existing Amavita online shop.


Purplemoon - 2002 until 2020

Until 2020 we built and further developed the social network Purplemoon, based on strong privacy and user-friendly terms of use.



New challenges and contacts are always welcome.

If your interest has been piqued, do not hesitate to write to or you can send a letter to: Panaxis GmbH, Eichweg 11, 5024 K├╝ttigen, Switzerland.

More about the CEO and his activities can be found on these websites: Blog, Github, Stackoverflow, Twitter