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I am an expert on software development.

Panaxis GmbH is the software development company of Andreas Leathley, located in Switzerland and active since 2003. Large complex websites with a high degree of security, performance, reliability and usability are my specialty. I can offer the following services:

Previous and ongoing projects

Since 2010 I have developed and maintained the online shop for the Adler Apotheke pharmacy in Winterthur / Switzerland (Adlershop, available in four languages) with a large number of products, a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a lot of health and medicine information. The shop system was custom-made and heavily optimized for the pharmacy use case, with more than 20 connected APIs in the background.

Since 2019 I have supported wwcom in automating and optimizing their processes and developing a platform for customers to manage and book their telecommunication services.

Since 2005 I have maintained the websites of a number of Swiss pharmacies, which use a custom-made content management system.

From 2002 until 2020 I developed and maintained the social networks Purplestar/Purplemoon.


I am interested in long-lasting work relationships based on trust and expertise. Most of my past projects are still being developed and maintained, but I am also interested in new challenges and making new friends.

If you are interested in any of my services, do not hesitate to contact me via email at or you can send a letter to: Panaxis GmbH, Eichweg 11, 5024 K├╝ttigen, Switzerland.

More about me personally and my activities can be found on these websites: Blog, Github, Stackoverflow, Twitter